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New lockdown rules apply, reopening on the 11th January 2021 - COVID-19 Safety Assurance

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The Guardian

This a fun, exuberant hotel, an unashamedly kitsch yet lovable establishment that will have you grasping for Spanish words of exclamation you never thought you knew.

10 of the best budget hotels in London

Dixe Willis

The Independent

Individuality, service and, crucially, value for money. Rooms are decorated like a Mexican casita, the bar stocks an impressive range of rums and their breakfast, served in gorgeous crockery, is all organic.

The best 50 british hotels

The Sunday times, The hotel Guru

Funky ‘theme hotel’ in off-beat south London, a one-off sanctuary and eclectic mix of Mexican style and sumptuous colours. Full of character and divine tapas.

Fiona Duncan

Elle magazine

Bona fide slice of Latin-American cool, slap-bang in the heart of SE5.

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Patricia Campbell

Lonely Planet

One of London’s most individual boutique hotels, this vibrant establishment is a much needed shot of tequila into the hotel landscape of London.

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Gloriously brazen shrine to Spanish Americana, this is a chink of pure sunshine in the dull London drizzle.

Read the article: Inner City Getaway , the Church Street hotel



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